Medical Equipment Insurance Solutions

General & Professional Liability Insurance

What it Covers

The core coverage in this program is general liability insurance, with a professional component, that protects you and your assets against liability claims and judgments.

Key Differences

Our program separates itself from the competition and ensures you receive quality guidance.

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Who Qualifies

Companies (including certain manufacturers) that sell, service, and repair medical equipment qualify for this program.

Occurrence Form vs. Claims Made Form

ProTek is one of the only "occurrence form" liability insurance available to medical equipment sales & service organizations. Other companies offer "claims made" insurance that can leave you unprotected when claims come. ProTek is an open ended insurance, providing you better protection in the long run.

Deductible on a Policy and What That Means

Some insurance agents may tell you that they can save you money on your policy. But what they sometimes don't tell you is that a hefty deductible will also be on your policy. You can see anywhere from $500 to $10,000 on up for a deductible.

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